Mercy Bucket

Witty little ditties of life and language.


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Humans are a weird species.

Each and every one of us has idiosyncrasies, or quirks that define who we are.

Some of these are uniquely ours, traits that no-one else we know shares.

I love this.

I love my own idiosyncrasies.

love other people’s.

love noticing them and pointing them out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that most idiosyncrasies originate in language. The way people talk, the phrases they use, their mannerisms.

Language fascinates me.

I’ve been going through hell recently, with my degree, my social, and my love life. Or more accurately, lack thereof, on all three counts.

Mercy Bucket is [mostly] an outlet for my literary idiosyncrasies.

I post poems, usually in limerick form, about life, when and if the mood strikes me.

There may be several in one go, there may be one a week for a while, there may be none for weeks.

Because I’m inherently lazy. [This is in fact a mash-up of two separate posts]

Often prone to catastrophic digressions. And easily distracted.

*insert generic “ooh look, I’ve been distracted” joke here* 😀


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